Tax Strategy and Preparation

The annual culmination of your business’s performance happens each year at tax time, but it starts with efficient, ongoing planning throughout the year. There are many things that impact your tax returns, and many decisions to be made that can affect your taxable income. The Rackers & Fernandez team is with you through all of those decisions, providing forecasts, weighing the pros and cons, and proposing solutions to minimize your exposure where possible. This is at the heart of our performance accounting model. Our offering of tax services includes:

  • Ongoing review and analysis of financial statements for planning purposes
  • Identification of tax saving measures
  • Tax return preparation
  • Advocacy and liaison with the IRS and other tax entities
  • Estate and gift tax planning (LLCs, FLPs)
  • Stock option planning
  • And more!

When tax time does roll around, we make the process of preparing for and filing your tax returns as seamless as possible. Our online portal is accessible 24/7, and contains all of the information you need to fill out, submit and review for your convenience.