Business Consulting

Your business is your passion – and seeing you achieve success is ours. Our business consulting services are rooted in our belief in Performance Accounting, meaning your accounting should work for you, uncovering information that can help you identify areas to focus on for growth, efficiencies, and enhanced service for your customers.

You may even be looking for something intangible, such as a strategy to spend more time with family, or support your favorite charity. Perhaps your goal is to create an employee incentive plan, offer partnership to a key employee, or ensure that your employees have the best possible benefits. Regardless, we’ll help you articulate and quantify what you’re hoping to achieve, and create a practical action plan to get you there.

With this plan in hand, you have the power to shape your business and chart the visionary course for your future – inside and outside of the business. Because we’ll meet regularly, progress is tracked, knowledge is shared, roadblocks are removed, and you have the information you need (and know how to use it) to make good decisions.

Rackers & Fernandez has the experience to support businesses at all stages of a business’s lifecycle, from launching a new business, to managing growth and establishing a succession plan.