Out-of-State Travelers Expected to Pack Missouri for Solar Eclipse

Expect Missouri roads to be busier than normal these days leading up to the solar eclipse.

More than a million out-of-state visitors will pack Missouri’s roads over the four-day weekend, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. Worst case scenarios would be traffic jams on the highways leading into cities that are prime viewing of what for many will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. But because the path of the eclipse cuts across the central Missouri, many highways and interstates in Missouri could be jammed, including I-70, I-44, I-55, U.S. 50, U.S. 54, U.S 63 and U.S. 67.

Residents and visitors alike are being told that they can expect temporary inconveniences on the day of the eclipse.



11:50 am

Partial Eclipse Begins

(Moon touches the Sun’s edge)

1:18 pm

Maximum Eclipse

(Moon is closest to the center of the Sun)

2:44 pm

Partial Eclipse Ends

(Moon leaves the Sun’s edge)