Portfolio Review & Legacy Planning

Because Rackers & Fernandez helps clients succeed by taking all aspects of their financial lives into consideration, we routinely assist clients by performing a third-party review of their financial plan. While we don’t manage money or sell investments, we do provide objective advice on key areas related to a client’s portfolio and financial plan that their advisors may not be considering:

  1. Based on income and tax position, how much can and should the client be saving?
  2. Does the business have value, and if so, how can it figure into the overall financial plan?
  3. Is the portfolio structured in a way as to minimize taxes – today and at the time of distribution?
  4. What should the client’s distribution strategy in retirement be?

When it comes to legacy planning, many clients are concerned about how to structure their estate, as well as when and how the money can be accessed by their heirs. We’ll help them determine what their goals and desires are for their estate, and provide the financial information they’ll need when meeting with their estate attorney.