A Not-So-Ordinary Tax Season is History

This was more than your typical tax season. With a plethora of changes to the tax code and a late start brought about by 11th hour congressional decisions, it was an even more harried and intense process than usual. We appreciate the good working relationships with our clients that helped us keep moving to meet the April 15 deadline-thank you!


With tax season just now moving into the rearview mirror, it’s hard to believe that we’re already well into the second quarter of the year. It’s time to focus on financial strategies and planning to assure that you come in for a perfect landing at the end of 2013.


To do this, you need a trusted advisor-someone who stays engaged throughout the year and has the perspective, acumen and commitment to understand your financial complexities and management implications.


We’re here to make that journey with you. We’re all exhaling in the wake of the tax deadline, but let’s 1/2/14 A Not-So-Ordinary Tax Season is History not allow meaningful time to get away from us before we reengage and give direction to business in the coming months.


Consider us your trusted advisor and advocate, and call us right away to consider your plan for the year.


Here’s wishing you a successful 2013!